Artificial Production Systems

Production systems can be defined

Artificial production systems are techniques used in oil wells to increase the pressure within the reservoir and thus be able to encourage the oil to rise to the surface.

Integral Service to Mechanical Pumping Units

Mechanical Pumping is one of the most usedproduction methods,

whose maincharacteristic is to use a pumping unit totransmit movement to the underground pumpthrough a string of rods and through thepower supplied by a motor. Our service consists of a process from thedesign and engineering of the well to themaintenance of the Conventional and Non-Conventional Mechanical Pumping Units,which includes: Hydropneumatic, Hydraulicand Long Stroke.


Additional Services

To offer our customers a comprehensive service we expand ourcatalog and these are some additional activities to our specialty:

Rehabilitation of Conventional andUnconventional Mechanical PumpingUnits and Internal CombustionEngines

Crane maneuvering services andtransport of equipment and/ormaterials

Slickline services, Suction Rod Electro-magnetic Inspection, Three-phase measurement withportable equipment, Flush-by services.


For us as a company in the oil industry

responsibility towards theenvironment, the safety of our collaborators and the quality of ourprocesses are very important to us in order to improve theattention to our clients so that they have the confidence to puttheir projects in our hands. That is why we have the international certifications

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